Gloucestershire’s Silver Pintail Trophy showcases the long term commitment to wildlife conservation and sustainable farming shown by many farmers across the county. Each year the competition has a theme, this allows different farms to enter in different years, depending on their strengths.

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The 2017 Silver Pintail Award Theme: Pollinators on the Farm
In addition to looking at the sustainability of the farm business and wildlife and conservation measures on the farm, the judges this year will be paying particular attention to the habitats and food resources for pollinators on the farm.

Just as farmland birds need adequate food provision and nest sites, so do our pollinators. Providing nectar resources throughout the flowering period from March to September is critical for survival and successful colony establishment in spring. Nesting requirements of species vary for example mining bees require areas of bare ground or very short, gappy grass in which to make holes, whereas carder bees weave a nest of grass, moss and animal hairs on the soil surface in short, open and warm grassland.

Different types of farms may be providing for pollinators in different ways, through a range of interventions and land management. This can include specifically grown pollen and nectar mixes, floristically enhanced and tussocky grass margins, management of wildflower meadows, hedgerows and orchards, to name but a few.

Timescale for the competition:
* Close of application 15th May 2017
* Judging to take place in June
* Results announced at an event in mid-July. Venue TBC

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