Cornwall Kingfisher Award

The Kingfisher Award Scheme has been running in Cornwall for 10 years and is coordinated by Jacky Cherry.
The 2017 theme is – “What’s on a dairy farm?”

We will be visiting a dairy farm with a herd of 300 and exploring what can be found in their yard, fields and woodlands.

The Activity Stations

1. The Yard
Exploring who lives alongside the cows and the farmer in the farmyard. We will learn about nesting swallows and barn owls and see who we can spot on the bird feeding station.
2. The Field
We will visit one of the fields where we can view the cows, learn about them and the way the grass is managed to keep them feed and well. We will look at soil and discuss the importance of worms.
3. The Wood
Below the fields we will enter into the farm woodlands. Here we will look at the woodland plants and trees, the hedgerows and discover the creatures who live there!

Funded by Cornish Mutual

The KAS is entirely reliant on sponsorhip money, charitable donations, and volunteers. If you would like to make a donation or offer your time to help please contact Jacky Cherry, tel: 01208 831503 or email