FWAG Senior Adviser Awarded MBE by Her Majesty The Queen

Jenny Phelps received the MBE as part of HM the Queen’s Birthday Honours, by Her Majesty at Windsor Castle on 7 October 2016 for Engaging Communities in the Protection of the Environment.
Jenny said, ‘It is very humbling and an extraordinary honour to be recognised by Her Majesty for our work to integrate competitive farming and the environment. Thank you to all of the farmers, communities, and partners whose knowledge and expertise has made all our projects across Gloucestershire and beyond so successful for people and the environment over the last 15 years.
Jenny Phelps has over 30 years’ experience in facilitating environmental delivery with farmers, landowners and communities in Gloucestershire, specialising in developing a simple framework for helping communities become more resilient to climate change.
Gary Rumbold, FWAG SouthWest’s General Manager said, ‘We are thrilled to hear of Jenny’s MBE award. Jenny’s MBE is very well deserved for her hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, community engagement and inspiration. We are very proud to have Jenny as part of our FWAG SouthWest team’.