Jenny Phelps Awarded MBE

Gloucestershire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Groups’ Senior Farm Conservation Adviser has been awarded an MBE for ‘Engaging Communities in the Protection of the Environment’.

Gary Rumbold, FWAG SouthWest’s General Manager said ‘We are thrilled to hear of Jenny’s MBE award. Jenny’s MBE is very well deserved for her hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, community engagement and inspiration. We are very proud to have Jenny as part of our FWAG SouthWest team’.
Jenny Phelps has over 30 years’ experience in facilitating environmental delivery with farmers, landowners and communities in Gloucestershire, specialising in developing a simple framework for helping communities become more resilient to climate change.
Jenny works in partnership with the Countryside and Community Research Institute and Natural England who have researched her work.
Jenny said: “I am delighted to be awarded an MBE, it is a great honour. There are many dedicated people who are committed to supporting our environment and inspiring our communities that are just as deserving.
“The ILD framework enables everyone to look after the piece of the world they care about in a strategic way, which means every field and farm has a role to play in both a local and an international context for delivering wider public goods.”
Click to view the full report: Inspiring and Enabling Communities, an integrated local delivery model for Localism and the Environment