Full time fixed term position until March 2022 based in the FWAG SouthWest Wellington Office

Salary: £25,000 - £28,000 (Full Time – 37.5 Hours per week)

The post will provide an exciting opportunity for someone who has a passion for the future of land management on the Somerset Levels and Moors and how this can fit in with other pressures on the wetland landscape. The role will include building on the strong relationship that exists between the NGO’s and statutory bodies actively involved on the Levels and working with farmers and land-based businesses to deliver a better future for the area.

The major flooding event in 2014 led to 20 Year Somerset Flood Action Plan (FAP) which outlined several measures throughout the catchments of the Somerset Levels and Moors. One of the longer-term actions put forward was the need for the floodplains on the Levels to better adapt to the challenges presented by future climatic uncertainty, declining central government investment and the costs of maintaining the flood management infrastructure.

The role will provide advice to farmers on adaptation options for their businesses on some of the wettest land, or land subject to flooding, and have a liaison role between farmers, statutory bodies and other organisations with an interest in the Levels.

Closing date for Application: 25th March 2019 1700hrs GMT

Interview Date: Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Job Description - SLM Farm Liaison Officer

Download, complete and submit the FWAG SW Job Application Form (details on form).

For further information about the role please contact Ben Thorne - [email protected]


About the Co-Adapt Project - Somerset Levels and Moors

The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West is a leading provider of advice and support to the farming and land managing community in Somerset and across the region. It is a charity that seeks to combine commercial land management with environmental delivery.

Co-Adapt is an EU Interreg funded project to look at how different areas in SW England, Flanders, the Netherlands and NE France can adapt to the challenges presented by climate change to the water management. A key part of this approach is to involve the communities affected by climate change to be involved in the design of adaptation options and use nature-based solutions. The Project is match funded locally by the Somerset Rivers Authority. The funding is not affected by the terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

The Somerset Levels and Moors is a large wetland area with a complex range of flooding, farming and nature issues. It has multiple environmental designations, complex flood management infrastructure, active farm, small settlements and other rural businesses. The Levels is split up into different low-lying ‘Moors’, separated by higher ground, that have distinct hydrological and natural character.

In Somerset, the project will bring together Somerset Wildlife Trust – working on the development of climate change adaptation pathways at a local level, Somerset County Council – leading community engagement and building resilience, and FWAG SouthWest – liaising with farmers and other land-based businesses to implement adaptation measures at farm and whole moor level.  


These posts are funded through EU Interreg and Somerset Rivers Authority