The FWAG Hedge Planting Project opened in November 2017. The criteria for this year’s hedge planting project has changed in relation to the 2016 project.

The Woodland Trust would like to see more woodland being planted through its MOREWoods project. Therefore, priority will be given to those applicants who wish to plant woodland alongside any hedgerow planting.

The MOREWoods Project will contribute towards at least 60% of the costs, if you plant the trees yourself. If you decide to use a contractor to plant the trees and provide a weeding service for the first two years, 50% of the costs will be covered.

What do I need to plant?

  • A minimum of 500 trees
  • Covering more than 0.5ha (1ha if using a contractor) – blocks can be split to smaller sizes across your holdings
  • An adviser will help with choosing which species to plant
  • One-to-one advice and a site visit is available

More information can be found here: or attend the Campaign for the Farmed Environment and Forestry Commission event 'Making Space for Trees on Farms' on Wednesday 6th December (more details below).

In addition to this, applicants wishing to plant hedges will be able to purchase hedging plants from Woodland Trust approved nurseries. The Woodland Trust will contribute towards 80% of the cost of plants and protection. The applicant would need to pay the additional 20% directly to the nursery. Each applicant will be able to apply for a minimum length of 100m and a maximum length of 1000m of hedgerow.

If you can deliver the planting of woodland through the MOREwood Project and in addition would like to plant a length of hedgerow, please contact us at [email protected] with your name, postal address and contact number, along with the length of hedgerow you would be looking to plant and the area of woodland.

This is a joint project with the Woodland Trust