Want to help your local environment and meet new people? Maybe you need to bulk up your CV or just have time to spare?

Join our small force of volunteers and gain hands on experience of river and habitat management. Our FWAG SW volunteer group are working on restoring ditches, streams and rivers in Gloucestershire as part of the Water with Integrated Local Delivery (WILD) projects helping to deliver the Catchment Based Approach.

Our main tasks are to restore the rivers and tributaries leading into the Cotswolds Water Park that are currently failing for ecology and fish populations. The WILD project has mapped ditches and watercourses in many Gloucestershire villages to identify place where work could reduce flood risks, improve water quality and provide valuable habitat. We need your help to be prepared in tackling climate change and extreme weather events by getting out floodplains into positive management.


Get involved

Our work parties are full qualified in the use of chainsaws / brush cutters and are experienced in sensitive land management. We would like to hear from you if:

  1. You want to get involved (experience is NOT necessary – training provided)
  2. You have machinery or equipment that would help us with ditch restoration

Skills you are likely to gain experience in:

  1. Woodland and habitat restoration
  2. River and ditch restoration
  3. Hedge laying and coppicing
  4. Nature surveying

If you think you’d benefit from the help of our volunteers, please contact [email protected]

If you have issue in your village with water or habitats that need our help, please contact the FWAG Gloucestershire team on 01666 503668.