FWAG SouthWest is delighted to announce the launch of the Rest Assured Project. This project will be offering support throughout the region to the older generation of farmers and to those struggling with regulation.

Through our extensive contact with the farming community FWAG SouthWest has identified three main issues:

  • Financial hardships
  • Difficulties coping with the complexity of regulation, which can create anxiety
  • Concern about what will happen to your farm, the traditional practices and wildlife in the future


The Rest Assured Project seeks to tackle these issues by:

  • Offering free visits to farmers struggling with or challenged by the demands of regulation. This will reduce the fear of financial deductions from the Rural Payments Agency. Particular focus on those struggling to keep up with the paperwork and prescriptions of cross compliance, ELS and HLS schemes.
  • Creating more formal links between FWAG SouthWest and charities such as the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI)Farming Community Network (FCN) and the Addington Fund. FWAG SouthWest can then ensure the farmers we have contact with are aware of all the support available.
  • Offering free visits to sign post farmers to potential income generating or cost saving schemes, such as better soil, ditch management, crop rotations etc.
  • Offering free visits to write farm heritage reports. These reports capture the detail of farming traditions and preserve the farmer’s knowledge of the land and the wildlife it supports. The reports are to be held by the relevant parish council so that if the farm is ever sold the buyers can be inspired to become the next generation of guardians of the farm for the future. In addition, the heritage reports will create a library of traditional land management knowledge to inform sustainable farm practice for the protection of wildlife, soil, water and air.
  • Strengthening the relationship between FWAG SouthWest and the Young Farmers Club in order to improve links and knowledge transfer between the generations

The project will support 100 farms over the next 18 months and we are currently looking for those who would benefit from the support offered. Please get in touch if you or someone you know could benefit from taking part. We are also looking for those who wish to share knowledge of good farm husbandry and traditional practices that could help inform sustainable management for the future.

Our thanks go to the Prince’s Countryside Fund for funding the Rest Assured Project.
The Prince’s Countryside Fund aims to tackle the key issues which negatively impact on rural Britain and strives to secure a sustainable future for British agriculture and the wider rural economy.
For more information about the fund and other projects which may be able to offer support see the website here.