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FWAG SouthWest seeks to support, enthuse & inspire fellow farmers to value the environmental assets on their land & use them to secure sustainable & profitable businesses for the future.

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Time to celebrate with the Barn Owl Finalists!

Head over to our Events page to get details on the 2016 Barn Owl Trophy award.

The Devil is in the Detail

15 August 2016

The Chancellor’s statement on Saturday, providing some reassurance around funding for research and the agricultural sector after Brexit, is certainly welcome.

The national FWAG Association, supported by FWAG SW, has jointly been lobbying with other NGO’s for further clarification on the future of Agri-Environment schemes. Has Phillip Hammond’s statement provided the clarification and reassurance sought on Agri-Environment schemes?Largely, yes, but there are still some details to be established.


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Countryside Stewardship

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MD Air Services

If you are looking for an air application service for bracken on your land, take a look at the MD Air Services website.