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The Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group

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FWAG SouthWest seeks to support, enthuse & inspire fellow farmers to value the environmental assets on their land & use them to secure sustainable & profitable businesses for the future.

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Devon's Hedge Tree Crisis

There’s a crisis looming in Devon’s countryside. Many of our hedge trees are mature or moving to the natural end of their lives and there is a lack of young trees to take their place. Diseases such as ash dieback will make the situation much worse worse even than when Dutch elm disease struck.

Ash dieback disease is starting to spread rapidly throughout Devon. In the next 5 to 15 years it is expected to kill or severely damage most of our ashes, and ash is Devon’s second most common hedgerow tree. The impact on our countryside, and towns and cities too, will be severe. The sooner we start encouraging new trees of a range of different species to replace them, the better.

To start to address this, a new competition has just been launched to find and reward farmers who are looking after their hedge trees. 

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