Swannacott Oaks

Swannacott Manor Meats is a 200-acre pasture farm set in rolling hills just outside Week St Mary in North Cornwall. The Sobey family have been farming the area for over 6 generations and have been successfully selling meat straight from the farm for many years. Read more

A Veteran Oak and a Cuckoo Hawthorn near Looe

I will kickstart this series by describing an impressive oak I clocked recently while walking a block of permanent pasture with a prospective tenant. It looms over the landscape, stood on a north-facing slope with only an expired fence line breaking up its setting. Read more

Celebrating Cornwall’s Ancient Trees Every Month

FWAG SouthWest are teaming up with the Cornwall Ancient Tree Forum to champion the protection of ancient trees on Cornish farmland. Such trees not only support many specialist invertebrates, plants and fungi, but also provide cultural significance. Read more