Entry #11 - Lawrie Sampson: How are farmland birds on the Lizard faring?

Being involved in conservation and advisory work has taken me all over the country. This has been particularly useful as a bird conservationist, because it has allowed me to gain a feel for why species might be found in one place and not other, and therefore understand what their ecological requirements are. Read more

Entry #10 - Charlotte Marshall: Wonderings and Wanderings About Wood Pasture

Wood pasture is something that is quite new to me. I had heard of the term before, but the image that it conjures up is usually the grounds of stately homes that I have walked through on days out, not an environment that I come across on farms. Read the full post from Charlotte by clicking here... Read more

Entry #9 - Bel Whitwam: So long and thanks for all the fish…

The only part of my career that I have ever actually planned was that, after working at Natural England (and its predecessors) for 25+ years, I was going to do something totally different for the last few years of my working life. So much for my career plan…! Read the full post from Bel by clicking here... Read more

Entry #8 - Sabine McEwan: My recent obsession with Crab Spiders

One nice lunchbreak 2 weeks ago, I sat in the garden with my cup of tea enjoying the sunshine and watching a bee buzzing around the lavender. How idyllic, I thought - just as a crab spider climbed up the lavender, grabbed the bee with its long front legs and ended the bee’s life. Read the full post from Sabine by clicking here... Read more

Entry #7 - Becky Hughes: Making the Most of Meadows

A meadow is traditionally a field of grass and flowers that was mown for hay, a practice with roots as far back as the Iron Age, when people first started making tools and keeping livestock. Read the full post from Becky by clicking here... Read more

Entry #6 - Dan Geerah: The humble paper map has served humanity for centuries, but is it on the way out?

It is hoped that ELMS will not only pay landowners and farmers for the natural capital currently present, but to also fund improvements in these natural assets. This includes protecting and enhancing what is there while joining it up with other similar habitats. Read the full post from Dan by clicking here... Read more

Entry #5 - Joanna Uglow: New Pastures

During April this year I hung up my Hills to Levels hat and joined the Headwaters of the Exe project team, taking on the exciting role of Farm Environment Adviser. The project has recently rolled into its third 5-year phase and I will be working alongside Adam, Rebecca and project partners. Read the full post from Joanna by clicking here... Read more

Entry #4 - Dougal Hosford: The Learning Curve – Ten Years in Higher Level Stewardship

Since January 2010 Travellers Rest has been delivering an Entry Level / Higher Level Stewardship agreement. Now the time has come to revisit the head scratching that comes from finding about the plethora of new rules and requirements involved with the ‘new’ scheme, Countryside Stewardship. Read the full post by clicking here... Read more

Entry #3 - James Maben: Take me to the River

Since a child I have been fascinated by water, particularly streams and rivers, and can vividly remember catching bullheads with my hands, building dams and generally messing about in our local stream. That interest has stuck with me throughout life and I’ve ended up working in the environment sector on a range of river restoration and conservation projects. Read the full post by clicking here... Read more

Entry #2 - Adam Lockyear: Regeneration

Regenerative agriculture is the latest buzz word. I am always sceptical about branding as the most important factor is the farmer them self and their attitude towards their business and the environment, not a label. Read the full post by clicking here... Read more

Entry #1 - Gary Rumbold: A Living Experiment

It seems to take a crisis for us to re-examine our behaviour and then make fundamental changes to the way we live. Read the full post by clicking here... Read more