Entry #40 - Adam Lockyear: Woodland management at Great Trill Farm

Adam Lockyear spent the day with Iain Turner at Great Trill Farm looking at the work being carried out as part of their Woodland Management Plan and Higher Tier agreement. They discuss the economic and environmental considerations of managing this Ancient semi-natural woodland and mixed plantation. Read more

Entry #39 - Ed Bonn: Black Poplar tree nursery – the beginning

In March 2023, the finalists of FWAG’s Silver Pintail Farming and Wildlife Competition were announced at the Boyd Family’s Whittington Lodge Farm in Gloucestershire. During a fascinating chat with Richard and Robin after the winners had been announced, it also transpired that there were a number of native Black Poplar whips remaining that could also be grown on. Click here to read more about Ed's progress with these Black Poplar whips... Read more

Entry #38 - Evan Rumbold: My week at FWAG SW

This week I joined FWAG SouthWest on work experience. A varied week of activities, you can read all about my highlights by clicking here... Read more

Entry #37 - Maisie Jepson: Forward Thinking Farmer Cluster Groups

Read Maisie's summary of a successful farm cluster group meeting and the hope for the future of these events. Click here to read more... Read more

Entry #36 - Robyn Brown: Should we all consider cold water swimming?

Enjoying nature by spending time in the water should last all year round. Have you considered cold, wild or sea swimming in the colder months? Click here to read the full article... Read more

Entry #35 - Sarah Whaley: Cutting through the noise to gain clarity on your goals

We live in a world where we are increasingly bombarded by what feels like mental bomb shelling. We are now more than ever forced into awareness of complex issues outside of our immediate sphere of influence, knowledge or let’s face it, interest. Click here to read the full article... Read more

Entry #34 - Zara Blackmore: Wildlife rich Exmoor - how does grazing livestock restore and support biodiversity?

If you have ever stepped out into a late spring evening and stood silently as the sun sets over the heart of Exmoor and listened, you would hear the buzz of insects, birds chirping into darkness, and maybe a sheep calling to her lambs in the distance. Click here to read the full article... Read more

Entry #33 - Luke Dale-Harris: Are family farms heading for extinction?

Farmers occupy a strange place in our collective imagination – sometimes hardened heroes, working tirelessly to feed the world and steward our countryside; other times mercantile destroyers of the environment, grubbing out trees and demanding more money from the taxpayer. Click to read more... Read more

Entry #32 - David Butler: Food production and the global food crisis

I’ve often told friends and family the biggest influencers on farm outcomes are those factors you can’t possibly have planned for or predicted. This has certainly rung true in the last few years as the generally resilient Farming Industry has been buffeted by firstly political turmoil, followed by a once-in-a-Century global Pandemic and capped off with the ongoing, horrendous War in Eastern Europe. To read the full article by David, click here... Read more

Entry #31 - Simeon Day: Hedgerows and Orchards – a truly natural partnership

The blossom season is in full swing! The landscape is bursting with beautiful flowers and the air is heady with their scent. The region’s fields, hedgerows, verges and orchards are humming with busy pollinators getting to work and it is looking like it might be a vintage year. Read the full article from Simeon by clicking here... Read more

Entry #30 - Rosie Bowers: Student Sustainability

In September 2019, when I started my first year at university, I liked to think I lived sustainably. I shopped at H&M, ate tesco meat, and my flat was full of single use bottles and packages. But it wasn’t until I started talking to the new people I was meeting, and educating myself, that I realized how much negative impact I was having. Read the full article from Rosie by clicking here... Read more

Entry #29 - Charlie Steele: Runner by Nature

May is an excellent time of year to be spent enjoying the outdoors, as there are so many changes taking place in our surroundings. Wildflowers and blossoms are in full swing, with hedgerows, grass margins, and verges exhibiting a wide range of colours and scents. Click here to read more... Read more