We support fellow farmers to value the environmental assets on their land and use them for a sustainable and profitable future.

How we help

Farm habitats and species

We can guide you through any project, arranging surveys and plans to satisfy local planning authority requirements and ensuring the project delivers the maximum wildlife and amenity value.



Countryside Stewardship

FWAG SW has a wealth of experience about the range of grants on offer and their suitability for your farm business. We can prepare and submit an application on your behalf and we can help you with your evidence and record keeping requirements.



Our work

Campaign for the Farmed Environment

FWAG SouthWest delivers the Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) across the South West. The Campaign encourages farmers and land managers to protect and enhance the environmental value of farmland, through environmental measures that sit alongside productive agriculture.


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A Community Guide to Your Water Environment

Water is something we tend to take for granted. This Guide, which has been produced with support from Defra and the Catchment Based Approach, aims to help you understand the importance of the water in your local environment.


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Somerset Catchment Partnership

Somerset Catchment Partnership is bringing together a range of organisations who work within the water environments of Somerset since 2013.


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Countryside Stewardship agreements were submitted, on behalf of farmers, in 2017


of grants will be paid to these farmers in the south west over the next 5 years


of this total grant is for capital works

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Can you help our Farming Landscape?

At FWAG we are helping farmers to practically manage their land, in order to benefit their business, but also with the future of their land and its wildlife in mind.



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JOIN US! Become a friend or a member and you'll be helping to create a better farmed environment for everyone across the South West.


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Volunteering opportunities with FWAG SouthWest

Can you volunteer with a FWAG SW project near you?




  • [23.12.18] Woodland Pest and Diseases

    Ash trees are our second most common tree in the UK and most common hedgerow tree throughout the country, making them an integral component of the south west landscape across each county. However, these trees are now facing a grave threat. Read more

  • [19.12.18] Restrictions on the use of metaldehyde to protect wildlife

    Environment Secretary Michael Gove has announced today a restriction on metaldehyde use, to be implemented over the next 18 month with a ban on outdoor use by spring 2020. Read more

  • [19.12.18] FWAG SouthWest Competition Winners and Updates 2018

    As you are likely aware, at FWAG SW we are keen to highlight the fantastic environmental conservation that farmers across the region achieve every year on their farms. As a way of celebrating this and seeking out these farms, we hold county competitions. Read more