Supporting fellow farmers, for over 50 years, to value the environmental assets on their land and use them for a sustainable and profitable future.

How we help

Farm Habitats and Species

We can guide you through any project, arranging surveys and plans to satisfy local planning authority requirements and ensuring the project delivers the maximum wildlife and amenity value.



Countryside Stewardship

FWAG SW has a wealth of experience in the range of grants on offer and their suitability for your farm business. We can prepare and submit an application on your behalf and help with your evidence and record keeping requirements.



Our work

Environmental Land Management System Trial

The Environmental Land-Management System (ELMS) is being developed by DEFRA as a potential new payment methodology that is planned to replace current Basic Payment Scheme and Countryside Stewardship.


Author: Ellen James

Great Crested Newt Pond Scheme

Are you looking to create or restore a pond on your farm? This could be the opportunity for you. As part of Natural England’s District Level Licensing, up to 100% funding is available to create or restore existing ponds with Great Crested Newts at the forefront of the pond design. Click here to register your interest...


Author: Ellen James

Somerset Catchment Partnership

Somerset Catchment Partnership is bringing together a range of organisations who work within the water environments of Somerset since 2013.


Author: Ellen James


Countryside Stewardship agreements were submitted, on behalf of farmers, in 2020


of grants will be paid to these farmers in the south west over the next 5 years

Plus £5.8m

for capital investments

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County Competitions

FWAG SouthWest currently run county based competitions in Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire and Somerset. Are you a farmer who carefully considers methods of conservation and sustainability when farming your land? If you would like to find out more about these competitions, and find out how to enter, click here.



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Are you interested to volunteer with us?

Volunteering with FWAG SouthWest is a brilliant opportunity to gain on the ground experience in conservation, a way of giving your time to our charity and something for your CV, as well as a chance to meet new people in your area and have fun! Click here if you think you may want to get involved!




  • [5.10.21] Somerset Catchment Market

    What is the Somerset Catchment Market? The Market is a new way for you to get the best prices for carrying out nature-based projects that reduce Phosphorus losses. Click here for full details... Read more

  • [01.09.21] Farming Rules for Water – EA Regulatory Position Statement

    The Farming Rules for Water (FRfW) were introduced in April 2018 to help protect water by standardising good farming practice. Many of the 8 rules duplicate NVZ and Cross Compliance regulations. Rule 1 is causing concern, particularly for those who use organic manures. Click here for full information... Read more

  • [10.08.21] The Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report

    The Somerset Rivers Authority have released their annual report, outlining the work that has taken place in the last 12 months. FWAG SouthWest have worked alongside the Somerset Rivers Authority to deliver the Natural Flood Management Auction that took place earlier this year, as well as on projects such as Trees for Water; you will find these outlined with the report. Click here for full details... Read more

Blog Posts

  • Entry #20 - Simeon Day: What can orchards do for us?

    Since the summer day, in the 1970s, when my mum bought me half a pint of Woodpecker cider to keep her noisy child quiet in a pub garden and then hours spent scrumping in the orchards of Kent as a teenager, I have loved apples and the orchards where they grow. Read the full article from Simeon by clicking here... Read more

  • Holt Farm Natural Flood Management (NFM) scheme.

    Flood Risk is an increasing concern across Somerset. Natural Flood Management (NFM) can play an important part in reducing flood risk by Working With Natural Processes to slow the flow and reduce the size and frequency of flood peaks. Click here to find out more... Read more

  • Entry #19 - Bea Oliver: Orchards as Common Ground

    I read an article recently about the Affric Highlands scheme, a collaboration between large landowners and a rewilding charity to rewild half a million acres in north-western Scotland. I was not surprised to read that the success of the collaboration has been put down to those with the rewilding agenda approaching landowners as though they were dating; with a genuine curiosity and willingness to listen. Read the full article from Bea by clicking here... Read more