Can you help us to offer support and training to the next generation of Farm Advisers?

New Shoots provides a bespoke two-year training programme to Assistant Farm Environment Advisers joining FWAG SouthWest. Work-based learning, support from experienced mentors and CPD training days combine to provide the skills and experience needed to become a fully-fledged Farm Environment Adviser.  

‘We’re growing our own team organically’ explains Gary Rumbold, CEO of FWAG SouthWest. ‘Recruitment in agriculture and its supporting industries requires a re-think. Under-investment has led to a lack of experienced, skilled farm environment advisers, whilst demand continues to grow for up-to-date, farm-specific advice in how to face new agricultural and environmental challenges. Like many other sectors requiring team members with informed experience, we must invest in developing a new workforce and be proactive in resolving this issue in our sector.’

‘New Shoots allows us to nurture new talent and ensure we can continue to support our farmers into the future’, adds Adam Lockyear, Head of Advisory Services. However, this comes at a significant cost to the charity. The two-year training programme costs £50,000 per new adviser and we are reaching out to our supporters through our New Shoots Campaign to enable us to continue to offer this essential and exciting opportunity.  

We realise that we have a big target amount in mind, but with your help, alongside the dedicated support from charitable trusts, we are confident that we can reach this goal!


How can your donation help? 

Your donation will go directly towards their dedicated training programme and will enable us to build resilience and expand the skills of our team, which will in turn continue to offer you, our dedicated farmer members and supporters, the very best farm advice available now and into the future. 

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