Inspiring and enabling local communities: An Integrated Delivery Model for Localism and the Environment.

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A Community Guide to your Water Environment - See more on this guide here.



Over the last 70 years huge changes have occurred across the UK’s countryside, and in recent years much new legislation designed to halt the decline of our natural resources has come into force. However these initiatives tend to be enforced from the top down which can result in rural communities, including farmers, feeling alienated from the process and their own land. The communities often feel protective of their natural assets, making significant contributions to the local sense of identity, whilst holding valuable knowledge, experience and commitment to the area. To compound this there is often a lack of communication, coherence and co-ordination between organisations, strategies and policy frameworks, giving rise to confusing, disjointed and contradictory signals for those who live and work in rural areas and most importantly, have the capacity to assist in the management and governance of the landscape.



The need to embrace a holistic multi-objective approach that inspires and enables farmers and local communities is pressing. The perception that external goals are being imposed by national or international institutions without the engagement of local people undermines the environmental imperatives being sought. Within Gloucestershire, FWAG SouthWest have been developing an Integrated Local Delivery (ILD) model. This implements a range of situations that utilise and enable those with local skills and environmental land management knowledge to contribute to the management of the areas sensitive and key environmental sites.



It is hoped that this strategy can be extended beyond Gloucestershire and so the Countryside & Community Research Institute (CCRI) was commissioned by FWAG SouthWest to evaluate the ILD model.

ILD in action

The ILD template has already been utilised in Payments for Ecosystem Services Pilots and is currently being used to deliver environmentally sustainable changes in the Upper Thames Catchment Management Plan and the Water with Integrated Local Delivery (WILD) projects in Gloucestershire and the Our Parish – Water and Wildlife Project in Cornwall.

Details of other CCRI and FWAG SouthWest projects using ILD can be found here. Under these projects FWAG SouthWest staff attend various meetings to give presentations and explain the process of ILD. Some examples of these presentations can be downloaded below:

CIWEM Presentation 1

CIWEM Presentation 2

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