Following FiPL funded (Farming in Protected Landscapes) Bredon Hill Bird Recovery initiative, funded by Farming in the Protected Landscapes, which identified bird species, populations, and areas needing further habitat enhancement on Bredon hill and in the Lower Avon Vales of Evesham. The Boost for Biodiversity Project aims to enhance and create wetland features such as scrapes, ponds and ditches across 60ha of farmed landscape with the intention of boosting breeding wader biodiversity as well as improved water quality and natural flood management. This will be done through wetland creation, pollarding and scrub management in ditches, pond creation and restoration and scrape creation.

Organised by FWAG South West's Senior Environment Adviser, Joanne Leigh, and managed by West Midland Bird ringers Paul Hopwood and Ben Dolan, the initiative has successfully secured over £50,000 from Severn Trent’s Boost for Biodiversity Fund. The project aims to work in partnership with farmers and West Midlands Bird Ringers in the Bredon Hill and Lower Avon areas in Tewkesbury; though collaboration with Severn Trent, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency has been instrumental to developing the design.

Working with the same farmers on Bredon Hill and an additional 6 farmers in the Lower Avon Vales, the improvement to biodiversity for breeding waders will undoubtedly attract other species using wetland features as well as improving the water quality leading into the Carrant Brook and river Avon. Progress so far has been to secure permits so that contractors can carry out the work on a flood plain but will ultimately result in a boost for biodiversity across 60 Ha of the farmed landscape.