FWAG SW works in collaboration with the Gloucestershire Food and Farming Partnership, to connect a network of voices with a diversity of expertise including those of institutions, organisations, businesses, groups and communities across the region to build and champion a sustainable food and farming future for the county of Gloucestershire. 

The role of FWAG specialises in promoting enhanced Agroecology and Nature Friendly Farming - currently working on projects such as Regenerative Agriculture, Zerodig, and Farmer Clusters.
Continuous Research into the Food Economy and Community Food Provision, including Farm Produce Survey, Community Food Survey, and Community Food Organisations Conversation, allows the project to be up to date on the problems and opportunities in Gloucestershire. 

Through this partnership we are establishing a united approach towards food production, to ensure positive change and cultural and systemic transformation is achieve, by creating a Vision and Action Plan to improve food sustainability.

The Gloucestershire Food and Farming Partnership created a county-wide campaign - GREAT Food Gloucestershire - to inspire a Good Food Movement. 

Several other projects have been created which improve the food and farming system by targeting multiple economic, social, health and environmental outcomes such as:

  • Feeding Gloucestershire - supporting our partner's work in tackling food insecurity across the county.
  • Gloucestershire Regenerative Environment and Agriculture Transition (GREAT) project - helping to raise awareness of regenerative  agriculture.
  • Made in Gloucestershire - a local and independent digital food directory.
  • Skills and Advice - through GFFPs engagement and representation with the Agri-food and Rural Business Group, and work to raise    awareness of the climate and nature emergencies with Gloucestershire's farm advisers and rural facilitators.
  • Communication activities - creating GREAT Food Gloucestershire as a platform to enable Gloucestershire's active food citizens to  more easily participate in our work and Applying for SFP Bronze Award.

Those involved in the project hope to signpost opportunities contributing to transformative change and communicate these to partners and champion those people and organisations committed to improving our county. This community can therefore influence important policy change. 

Other key partners include Gloucestershire County Council, Feeding Gloucestershire and Visit Gloucestershire and GRCC (Gloucester Rural Community Council)