The first FWAG Farm Plastic Recycling Scheme began in 2004 and has taken place annually ever since. The aim of the scheme is to provide farmers with a responsible, environmentally sound way to recycle plastic, preventing it from going to landfill. The scheme is simple and straight forward, with no membership fees so the farmers only pay for the plastic they bring.


The scheme takes place throughout April and May each year.

Farmers deliver their plastics on a specific day, to one of a number of sites within Somerset, Devon or Dorset. The types of plastic we collect include:

  • Silage wrap
  • Clamp sheet
  • Fertiliser outer bags and dumpy bags
  • Fertiliser inner bags and 25kg feed bags
  • String
  • Netting
  • Chemical containers and mineral buckets
  • Tree guards


What happens to the plastic?

The plastic is taken away, washed and melted down into pellets. The pellets are then recast into an array of products for agricultural use, such as:

  • Calf lodges and pens
  • Step through stiles
  • Cow tracks and eco ground grids
  • Pig and chicken arks
  • Sheep and lamb pens
  • Fence posts

To be compliant with the rules and regulations of transporting your own waste on a public highway, a Lower Tier Waste Carriers Licence is required by registering with the Environment Agency. This is a simple, one off, free registration and can either be completed online at or by calling the Environment Agency on: 03708 506506.


Top Tips for Recycling

  • Keep plastic dry and clean throughout the winter months. Payment is based on weight and no one wants to pay for rain water!
  • Store all smooth plastic e.g. silage wrap in smooth fertiliser inner bags. This means the plastic can go straight into the baler, avoiding our reprocessor having to tip out the dumpy bags to retrieve the silage wrap and this will also reduce queuing time at our collection sites.
  • Separate all different plastic types.
  • Register for a free Lower Tier Waste Carriers Licence now.


The 2024 Farm Waste Plastic Recycling Scheme is now open for bookings - please click here to book.