The Environmental Land-Management System (ELMS) is being developed by DEFRA as a potential new payment methodology that is planned to replace current Basic Payment Scheme and Countryside Stewardship. Future payments will be focused on delivering public goods and the 25 Year Environment Plan (25 YEP), based on Natural Capital recovery and regenerative agriculture.


What are the aims of the ELM trial? 

1. To further develop an effective Natural Capital recording tool (UK habitat mapping) and survey methodology, and condition score the public benefit of the environmental measures on farmland.

2. To demonstrate the effectiveness and value for money of a local adviser that can bring together farmers, communities and stakeholders to offer multiple opportunities (funding/resource) to deliver public benefits at a local level.


To learn more on the trial visit the website by clicking on the banner below:


Phase 1 of our ELMS trial concluded in March 2020. Our Phase 1 report can be viewed by clicking here.


The ELM The Catalyst - Dec 2020 Phase 2 Interim Report (ID-22) is available to download by clicking here.

Within this report, there is a case study demonstrating the process developed as part of this ELMS trial, from start to finish. The case study outlines how a single farm in the Cotswolds have created a land management plan harnessing funding from both the public and private sector. The case study is available to download by clicking here.


Phase 2 of our ELMS trial concluded in March 2021, which you can download by clicking here.

Our partners at CCRI produced a report of their findings about the effectiveness and benefit of advisor support to farmers in a report, click here to download.

We also worked alongside Gloucestershire Rural Community Council to assess how our methods could help local communities. The results form this work are summarised here.


Presentation at Groundswell 2021: Environmental Land Management (ELM) Scheme – the Catalyst? Realising a shared vision – or missing the opportunity of a generation

Jenny Phelps presented the findings so far at Groundswell June 2021. You can download Jenny's presentation by clicking here, and watch her presentation below:



ELMs Trial and Integrated Approach