Karina is a part-time regional woodland adviser who joined Fwag in April 2022. She undertakes a full range of woodland advice services across the region including woodland management plans, woodland creation (planning grants and English Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO)), ancient woodland surveys and higher tier. Karina is also self-employed,  working for various organisations including the Landworkers’ Alliance, The Rewild Project CIC and on a female/non-binary forestry team.

Having undertaken a BSc in Environmental Science at the University of Southampton, a year-long practical permaculture course at Shift Bristol and an MSc in Environmental Forestry at Bangor University, she is focusing on practical and agroecological solutions to the climate and ecological crises. Previous projects include working with the Permaculture Association to undertake a ten-year review of UK temperate mutlistrata agroforestry systems and a social forestry with young people for the Landworkers’ Alliance.