The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) scheme is open for applications

Here are some key points and information on how FWAG can help

The SFI scheme is made up of various options or ‘actions’ which will suit most farm businesses looking to improve sustainability without affecting overall productivity.  

  • Each SFI agreement will include a management payment of £20/ha/yr (up to a max of 50ha/£1000 of eligible action areas to cover the initial application).
  • All payments are quarterly.
  •  Actions can be reviewed on an annual basis which enables you to add additional land and/or options into the management agreement adding greater flexibility than currently available under existing CSS schemes
  • If you have, or intend to apply for, rotational options the area of these options can be varied to suit your current or planned rotations.
  • Many of these actions compliment requirements that you will already have to meet through Cross Compliance, Farm Assurance and the Farming Rules for Water.
  • Some SFI actions can also be 'stacked' on land already managed under an existing environmental scheme providing they are compatible.
  • Several of the actions in SFI you may have, or be doing, already for which there are payments available. For example, Managing grassland with very low inputs (LIG1), Herbal Leys (SAM3), Nutrient Management Plans (NUM1) and Legumes on improved grassland (NUM2).

How can FWAG SW help?

FWAG SW advisers can provide advice tailored to your needs

  • Our FACTS qualified advisers can complete a Nutrient Management Plan for your farm (action NUM1 @ £589/yr/farm).
  • Our BASIS Soil and Water advisers can carry out soil sampling and assist with or complete a Soil Management Plan (action SAM1 @ £5.80/ha/yr) for your land.
  • We can also provide training and templates for you to carry out hedgerow assessments (action HRW1 @ £3/100m each side of hedge).
  • Support in building an Integrated Pest Management plan to suit your requirements (action IPM1 @ £989/farm/yr).

The SFI Handbook 2023 provides further information on the scheme rules and the available actions can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf.
(Please note this handbook is updated frequently so do ensure you have the most up to date version)
We are involved with other projects across the Southwest which may be able to assist with some of the costs involved in applications and the preparation of management plans. 

If you are interested in applying for SFI and other Countryside Stewardship Capital Grant Offers/Schemes, please contact FWAG SW where you can be assigned to an adviser to meet your farms’ specific requirements on managing your soils, nutrients, hedges, and habitats.

Email us at [email protected] or call us on 01823 660684.