Hedgerows are an iconic part of Somerset’s landscapes, whether standing on Exmoor, the Blackdown Hills, or on the lower reaches of the vales.

Over the years the humble hedge has sometimes been overlooked, often being trimmed in the autumn to give it the ‘short, back and sides’ look.

Throughout 2020 the FWAG SouthWest Somerset team plans to celebrate all things associated with hedges; whether that’s the biodiversity, management or historic element and everything in between.

Over the next 11 months, we’ll be providing our members with facts and management tips in our monthly e-news. We’ll also be following a hedge throughout the seasons, by recording a time lapse film, taking the hedge from the depths of winter, through to the bursting of buds in spring and berry production in the autumn.

Over the course of the year, we will also be organising a series of events, from exploring the biodiversity found in and supported by the hedge, to the historic element of Somerset’s hedgerows and why they exist and even practical demonstrations of the best ways of managing them from coppicing, laying, circular saws and the well-known flail.

Keep your eyes pealed throughout the months, for further information and activities!