The Kingfisher Award Scheme has been running in Cornwall for 10 years and is coordinated by Jacky Cherry.

The 2018 theme was – “What’s on a dairy farm?”

They visited a dairy farm with a herd of 600 and explored what can be found in their stream, fields and woodlands.

The Activity Stations

  1. The Pond and Stream
    We found different wildlife every day in this habitat. A great resource for showing food chains in action. 

    2. The Field
    We visited one of the fields where we saw the cows and heard them eating grass. We learnt about grassland management and how to ensure that the cows are kept healthy throughout the year. We looked at soil and discussed the importance of worms.

    3. The Wood
    Below the field we entered the farm woodland. We looked at the woodland plants and discovered some of the smaller creatures who lived there. We focussed on the Oak tree - natures greatest survivor.

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The KAS is entirely reliant on sponsorhip money, charitable donations, and volunteers. If you would like to make a donation or offer your time to help please contact Jacky Cherry, tel: 01208 831503 or email [email protected]