The Kingfisher Award Scheme has taken place for the first time ever in Dorset!

We will be hosting the Kingfisher project in 2024. We are in the process of recruiting schools and volunteers based around the Dorchester area and beyond. If you are keen to be involved please get in touch [email protected]

Field Days: TBC

Celebration: TBC

KAS launched in Dorset this year, kindly hosted by the Best’s at Manor Farm.

Four classes attended the two field days and the picnic presentation. The children gained hands on, practical experience whilst conducting the activities. 

The two field days consisted of the following activities;

Bovine Buffet – A walk around the farm talking about how we go from calf to cow and then to beef.

The children learnt about what we feed at each life stage, they will get their hands dirty exploring different types of food and will look at ear tags, cow poo and other related things!

Flap Jacks and Farm Foods 

Leading on from Bovine Buffet, the children talked about the different crops grown on farms. Crops were on the table with laminated cutouts of supermarket foods (e.g. maize and cornflakes). The children matched them up to learn how food is made. The children then had the opportunity to make flap jacks, milling their own flour which they took away with them.

Pollinator and Plant ID – The children went to the fields and learnt how pollinators feed off wildflowers and crops. 

Farmland Birds and Berries – Teddy birds or images were be placed in a hedge. The children used binoculars and basic bird guides to ID the birds. We talked about what different birds eat and the benefit of farms to birds.

The children's highlights included the calves, the trailer ride, milling the flour and identifying pollinators. 


The picnic presentation demonstrated the children's learning perfectly. The day was filled with fun activities, including welly wanging, as well as a picnic in the field with views across the farm. The presentations were displayed for judges, guardians, classmates and others to enjoy.

The winner of the Kingfisher trophy this year was Wyke Primary School. A very well done.


The scheme will be running again this year. To express an interest in participating as a school or host farm, volunteering and sponsoring the scheme please get in touch.

We hope that the Dorset community will get involved by encouraging schools, volunteers, sponsorships and donations.

Dorset KAS is kindly supported and sponsored by Cornish Mutual 

The KAS is entirely reliant on sponsorship money, charitable donations, and volunteers. If you would like to make a donation or offer your time to help please contact the FWAG SouthWest office on: 01823 660684 or email [email protected]