Maisie joined FWAG SouthWest in October 2020. She is from a tenanted, mixed farm in Worcestershire and takes time off each year to go back home and help with the lambing. She has a degree in Conservation Biology and Ecology and completed an MSc in Denmark, in Agri-Environmental Management.

Maisie is FACTs and Basis Soil and Water qualified and is also on the Environmental Advisers register. At FWAG SouthWest she has predominantly been helping clients with Countryside Stewardship applications as well as coordinating a project planting shelterbelts, and helping deliver the Thames Water Catchment Fund. 

She has previously worked for ADAS as an Agricultural Consultant, doing nutrient management planning, soil sampling, carbon foot-printing, as well as helping the policy and economics team with research projects. She has also worked for the CLA as a Rural Adviser, and now sits on their committee in Gloucestershire.