Simeon joined FWAG SW in February 2021 as Manager of the Hedgerow Conservation Project on the National Trust Killerton Estate near Exeter. Working with tenant farmers and the Trust’s ranger team the Green Recovery Challenge Fund project restored and created hedgerows across the 6,500 acre estate.

Simeon has worked in the countryside management industry for over 25 years where his roles have taken him from tree surgery in Australia to installing forest school facilities in the South West, via managing Nature Reserves and leading team building events that deliver practical conservation projects for charities across the UK.

As FWAG SW Regional Hedgerow, Orchard and Agroforestry Specialist Simeon provides advice and training across the region to advisers, farmers and organisations on the management of trees outside of woodlands. He leads the FWAG SW Tree Team.

Simeon is Chair of Orchards Live, a charity working to save and replant traditional orchards and local apple varieties in Devon.