The Forest of Dean and surrounding area is a highly significant district of Gloucestershire and is unique in its diverse environment in which to live, work and visit. There are many special designations to protect the Forest and its associated habitats and wildlife, which need to be integrated into a thriving rural economy supporting farming and tourism in the local area.

It is the view of the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group that farmers, land owners and land managers have a combined knowledge that will help deliver a sustainable future, both for farming and the environment.  Through the Facilitation Fund, FWAG SW have created an opportunity for a group of farmers and land managers to have a collective voice – to integrate the local knowledge and culture of the area, within the ambition of environmental protection with the partnership.  

As Forest Guardians, the group intends to use collaboration to help farm businesses, landowners, land managers and communities to become resilient to climate change.  This will be done by protecting soil, water and enhancing and restoring the environment and biodiversity in our Forest.

We have lots of plans for collaborative projects and events so if you would like to be involved, please contact Eli Sherlock ([email protected]) or the Gloucester FWAG office on 01666 503668