We are inviting farmers across Somerset to bid in the UK’s first countywide auction for works to help stop flooding.

Last summer we invited farmers in the River Tone and River Parrett catchments within Somerset to bid online for public money for works to help stop flooding. This second, larger auction for flood prevention works will start on Tuesday 26th February, which will cover the whole of Somerset. This will run for two weeks, ending on the Tuesday 12th March.

Farmers in Somerset will be able to bid for various measures on the new Environment Agency web app, which can be found at www.nfmauction.org.uk.

Grants are being offered for five different natural flood management measures:

  • Maize Management
  • Grassland Subsoiling
  • Hedge Planting
  • Soil Bunds
  • Leaky dams

All help to slow the flow of water, while delivering other benefits. Grassland subsoiling, for example, aerates the ground so that more rainwater can filter in; it also improves the soil.

Contact Victoria Munday on 01823 660684 / 07946 503111 / [email protected] if you have any questions.

To find out more information about the first, smaller auction, please click here.



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