Over 40 guests gathered at Tredudwell Manor on the 18th July for a FWAG SW event. The event was organised to showcase the fantastic conservation work Tom is undertaking on the farm, and to look at some of his measures on a farm walk.

After a short introduction and presentation from the speakers, we began our walk. On the walk we discussed the use of cover crops and multi-species herbal leys to improve soil, boost livestock productivity and help wildlife. Tom focuses on farming along biological principles to improve soil health and protect water quality. On the walk Tom spoke about his passion for soil and his vision for the future, Tony Walker from Oliver Seeds discussed seeds & mixes for herbal leys and cover crops, and Becky Hughes from FWAG South West explained how this farming approach can help soil, water and wildlife. Many interesting topics were discussed

In 2017 Tom Tolputt was awarded the Otter Trophy for the work he is doing at Lesquite and Tredudwell. The Cornwall Otter Trophy is our annual county competition to showcase the expertise, commitment and enthusiasm that farmers in Cornwall have for integrating environment & conservation alongside sustainable farming & food production. Each year our group of judges visit farms who have either been nominated or put themselves forward for consideration, and they look for evidence of wildlife conservation, energy efficiency, natural resource protection, staff development, business proficiency, community engagement and more.

You can view this short video below, in which Tom speaks about the farm and you can see drone footage of the measures in place.