You will be very aware of the huge threat presented by ash dieback and what the Devon Ash Dieback Resilience Forum is doing to address it.  This message is to ask if you might provide some very simple support for our efforts to secure funding to plant and nurture thousands of replacement trees across the county.

From tomorrow, we will be one of three local causes shortlisted for a Tesco “Bags of Help” Centenary Grant of between £10,000 and £25,000 for the Saving Devon's Treescapes project, led by the Devon Wildlife Trust on behalf of the Forum. If we secure the greatest number of tokens in the boxes by the checkouts at Tesco’s (and become the first place in three shortlisted good causes) we will win the £25k award.  This will provide vital match-funding towards our bid for national lottery support for the project.  Please help by putting tokens in our box whenever you shop in Tesco until 31st December. 

Please share this with family, friends and colleagues and on your social media channels. It would be excellent to raise funds and spread the word on the importance of the forum.

To read our recent advice note on Ash Dieback please click here.