This January, we were lucky enough to have extra help from one of our project partners DHL who came along to Overbury on the 23rd January. In the freezing cold they planted over 1200 hedge plants, 250 meters of hedge as part of the DHL Carbon Mitigation program and helped us to meet our objective of ‘linking the landscape’ with wildlife corridors. This area had also been highlighted as a gap in the landscape by Back from the Brink Partners Plant Life to aid connectivity for the Violet Click Beetle; so a double bonus for us !

Over 25 members of DHL nationwide staff joined us from DHL kindly put together Nirmal Ruprai and hosted by our chairman Jake Freestone at Overbury Enterprises. The day went very well and hedges were planted in record time; staff were given the opportunity for a joy ride over the estate to the top of Bredon hill to look out over the Vale at the magnificent views and also had a look at the drone pictures of them planting the hedge! This kind of funding and collaboration is something we would like to see more of as both groups met objectives for carbon mitigation, flood alleviation, wildlife connectivity and habitat creation. Thankyou so much DHL and we look forward to the Autumn programme.


NFM Event at Crashmore Lane Overbury Enterprises 25th February 10am – 12pm

Please come along to our Natural Flood Management Event on the 25th February to see how levering in other funding from project partners can help to create habitat, attenuate flood waters, reconnect the floodplain and deal with some pretty old pollarded willows. We aim to meet on site for 10am and walk down to the river Carrant to see the tree shearing in action by the Environment Agency. We will also be hearing a detailed talk from EA officer Carly Kimber about the Bat and Salmon surveys needed before work commenced.

**This is a facilitation funded event, wear appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather**

The willows on the carrant and incised river bed in summer