FWAG South West encourage farmers across the country to take part in the Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC) this year. The count starts this Friday 8th February.

We are asking that you spend 30 minutes recording the bird species on your land and submit your results between 8th and 17th February to the GWCT. We recommend farmers survey a location that is popular with birds, for example a bird seed plot, over-wintered stubble, or grazed fodder crop.

The results will help to identify the farmland birds that are thriving, the correlation between bird numbers and good farmland conservation and habitats, while identifying the bird species that may need help.

You can find out more information, including a free ID Guide that can be downloaded now via the website: https://www.bfbc.org.uk/

If you’d like to participate in the BFBC but would like some help with identifying bird species, contact FWAG South West ([email protected], or 01823 660684) and we’ll find a local specialist volunteer who can help with the survey.