Partner organisations are delivering a range of projects that target areas most at risk within the catchment, addressing the causes of ecological damage to our rivers. These projects also deliver other objectives such as reducing flooding risk and improving soil management.

The Catchment Partnership helps to coordinate projects to ensure actions are undertaken in the most appropriate places, and that resources are used to deliver maximum benefit. The partnership does not itself hold or expend funds. Projects and activities recommended or supported by the Catchment Partnership will be led by the organisations best placed to do so.


The Project Location Map



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For details of our past projects as case studies, see the bottom of this page.


Volunteer with US!

Want to help your local environment and meet new people? Maybe you need to bulk up your CV or just have time to spare? Join our force of volunteers and gain hands-on experience in river and habitat management.

At FWAG SW our volunteer group are working on restoring ditches, streams and rivers in Gloucestershire as part of the Water with Integrated Local Delivery (WILD) projects. For more information, take a look at our volunteering opportunities.

If you are a landowner and think you’d benefit from the help of our volunteers, please contact Joanne Leigh at [email protected]


You can also Volunteer with the following:



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Case Studies

WILD 1 – Water with Integrated Local Delivery



You can read more information about WILD on our website here.

For a comprehensive review of WILD, plus a video reviewing the EU Funded PEGASUS project using WILD as a case study, please visit this link.



Swill Brook



Payment for Ecosystem Services


Visit this link for more information on the CCRI website.

Full report is available online here.


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