Somerset Catchment Partnership (SCP) was the beneficiary of an Enforcement Undertaking Donation resulting from a sewage related pollution incident in the River Axe in 2017. Enforcement Undertakings give the opportunity to restore and remediate the damage caused by an incident. As part of the mitigation package accepted by the Environment Agency, Wessex Water provided a donation to the Somerset Catchment Partnership (via FWAG SW acting as SCP host).

£25,000 of this donation is now being made available for projects within the River Axe catchment (£5,000 maximum grant per application). Projects need to be completed by 31/12/2022.


The Axe Catchment Area


Eligible Projects

SCP seeks applications for projects that will deliver multiple benefits within the River Axe catchment (see map above). Priority will be given to projects that will help secure additional match funding, but 100% funding is available for projects.  Projects should seek to address one or more of the following SCP priorities for the Axe catchment (projects that address multiple priorities will score higher.

Partnership Priorities for the Axe Catchment
1. Delivers land management improvements to improve water quality
2. Delivers benefits for fish and fish migration
3. Delivers riparian habitat improvements or creates new habitat
4. Improves evidence base and understanding of key water issues
5. Raises awareness of key water issues and with wider stakeholders
6. Engages with stakeholders and encourages community action


More information and how to apply:

The grant scheme is open to all constituted non-government organisations (NGOs) and charities including Rivers Trust, Wildlife Trusts, community groups, parish councils and academic institutions. For more information and to apply please use the following documents:

  1. Application Guidance
  2. Axe catchment map
  3. Application form

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 30th June 2021.

For further information or to discuss a project idea, please contact Abigail Webber, Somerset Catchment Partnership Coordinator: [email protected].



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