There are many challenges facing the future health of our water environment. To help prioritise action in the Somerset catchments, the Somerset Catchment Partnership (SCP) Steering Group has agreed five Strategic Goals as a framework for partnership working and multi-benefit project development.

  1. Improve land management and sustainable agriculture to reduce soil erosion, nutrient and pesticide loss;
  2. Improve waste water management to reduce nutrients in watercourses from public and private waste water;
  3. Restore functional ecosystems and connected habitats to benefit people, wildlife and fisheries;
  4. Improve water and flood risk management by using and restoring natural processes; and,
  5. Work with stakeholders to identify barriers to positive change and find solutions.


Delivering Action

SCP’s strategic goals are being progressed through an overarching ‘Somerset Action Plan’ that is reviewed annually: Somerset Catchment Action Plan Overview

It is a non-statutory overarching plan for Somerset that identifies priorities and integrates partners’ programs to provide a joined-up approach to delivering multi-benefit environmental improvements. It is a dynamic document that will evolve as the partners deliver works and is not just Water Framework Directive focused.

Individual Catchment Actions Plans (CAPs) are also developed independently and have their own timescale and priorities. In 2020 the Brue and Tone CAPs are being prioritised.



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