The Somerset Catchment Partnership brings together a wide range of stakeholders working within the water environment in Somerset.

Core members

The Steering Group is composed of partner organisations representatives and meets quarterly. The role of this group is:

  • To help facilitate sustainable land/river management between wider stakeholders
  • To review financial and technical progress reports and agree subsequent actions required to ensure successful delivery
  • To focus on the development and delivery of projects that bring benefits to the water and land environment, people and society
  • Seek funding to support the sustainability of the partnership and project delivery
  • To appoint an independent Chair

The Steering Group is composed of the following members presented below:








External Groups

The Somerset Catchment Partnership is connected with many other organisations and external groups. The diagram below shows connectivity and collaboration:

Catchment-Based Approach - to share data and experiences at national scale and building sustainable relationship with other catchment partnerships.

Somerset Rivers Authority - to enable catchment scale thinking and deliver multi benefits project such as natural flood solutions, community engagement and conservation projects. The Partnership provides guidance on natural flood management in Somerset and enables multi benefit delivery. Somerset Rivers Authority is represented on the Somerset Catchment Partnership steering group. The Somerset Catchment Partnership will assist the Somerset Rivers Authority in their work where appropriate.

Somerset Catchment Farmers Group - to provide active support regarding agricultural measures.

Somerset Water Management Partnership - to gather local steer about issues, opportunities and environmental improvements. The Somerset Catchment Partnership will regularly disseminate update and information to local stakeholders through this group.

Environment Agency - to share information and data to develop the evidence-based understanding of the local natural environment. Shape priorities for collaborative working and base decisions on Environment Agency resources around these priorities.

Natural England and Catchment Sensitive Farming.

Wessex Diffuse Pollution Reduction Programme (WDPRP) to facilitate the programme and share good farming practices. The Partnership will coordinate activity to deliver their own plans and targets for diffuse pollution within their catchments, take an oversight of all diffuse pollution reduction work in their catchments, sit on and report back to the WDPRP Steering Group (along with other members of the Partnership) and represent the views of the many other partners active in their partnership.



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