The Somerset Catchment Partnership is developing various strategies to manage and maintain the Catchment Based Approach within the catchments.


Brue Catchment Strategy

The Somerset Catchment Partnership is currently in the process of developing the Brue Catchment Strategy to enable a Catchment Based Approach focused on the Brue area.


The Brue Catchment is one of focus catchments for different partners in Somerset. The catchment has opportunities to deliver improvements. The Somerset Catchment Partnership and key partners offer to develop a Brue Catchment Strategy to address several identified issues. It aligns with existing works of the Environment Agency, FWAG SW, Wessex Water, the IDB and Somerset Wildlife Trust. This work takes place following the IDB’s attempt to develop a Brue Plan in 2017-2018. The main driver to develop a Catchment Strategy on the Brue is the lack of delivery and consensus met between local stakeholders. The issues that has been initially identified are WFD failures regarding water quality, biodiversity and habitats, designated sites such as SSSI, Ramsar, eel regulation, water quantity, water resource protection zone, bathing water, etc.

The Catchment Strategy

The strategy aims to encourage an integrated catchment thinking, to promote collaborative works to deliver improvements. Integrated catchment management can provide multiple benefits for all the partner organisations and the local community, including reducing flood risk whilst also cleaning up pollution, protecting drinking water resources, improving biodiversity and enhancing health and recreation opportunities for local communities.

This strategy will outline deliverable objectives for the period of 2020 to 2025. Catchment Strategy is a deliverable part of the Action Plan and is a non-statutory document. It will be delivered on a voluntary basis from the identified key stakeholders.
This strategy represents the nature of the catchment-based approach and the different type of partners engaging with the Partnership.

It will be flexible to the current political and economic contexts. It is the evidence of a consensus amongst local stakeholder to work together to deliver a catchment-based approach. It will gather and encompass partners and main stakeholders’ actions and projects to enable effective information dissemination, collaborative thinking and working.


The Catchment Partnership has for mission to develop this strategy over 2019 with the following milestones:

  • Data & evidence review and preparation – Jan to Mar
  • Stakeholder identification and communication plan – Jan to Feb
  • Stakeholder engagement – Mar to Aug
    • Initial engagement workshops- Mar
    • Further engagement – Apr to Aug
  • Drafting catchment objectives- Apr to Aug
  • Draft strategy consultation – Sep
  • Final strategy - Dec

Get involved

The Catchment Partnership will be engaging with the main actors in the Brue catchment. If you’d like further information regarding the strategy please contact [email protected] to the attention of Emilie Graille.


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