The Somerset Catchment Partnership is developing various Catchment Action Plans to help develop multi-benefit projects and maintain the Catchment Based Approach across Somerset.

The Action Plans aim to encourage integrated catchment thinking and to promote collaborative works to deliver improvements. Integrated catchment management can provide multiple benefits for all the partner organisations and the local community, including reducing flood risk whilst also addressing pollution, protecting drinking water resources, improving biodiversity and enhancing health and recreation opportunities for local communities.


Brue Catchment Action Plan: 2020-2025 - Click here to download the pdf

The Brue catchment was considered a priority by the Somerset Catchment Partnership and the BCAP was finalised in April 2020. Work is now underway to prioritise and develop project proposals


Tone Catchment Action Plan: 2021:2026

The Tone catchment is the second priority catchment within Somerset. Work on developing the Action Plan was started in 2020 and the final document will be finalised in early 2021. The first stage of the planning process was an evidence review: Click here to download this document.


Get involved

The Catchment Partnership would like to engage with as many stakeholders as possible through developing Catchment Action Plans. If you’d like further information or to discuss priorities and processes please contact [email protected]


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