The Kingfisher Award Scheme has been running in Somerset for 10 years and is coordinated by Louise Kennedy.

If you would like to take part in the spring of 2019, contact us now, as the registration period is not delay, book your slot by emailing [email protected]

The Activity Stations in 2018

“What is in a wildflower meadow”

The children looked at the importance of crops to farmers, whatever crops they are growing, and about pollinators and the role they play in the shaping of our landscape. Field margins and hedges are wildlife corridors connecting different habitat, whilst sustaining lots of flora and fauna essential for a balanced ecosystem we will help the children investigate what might live here.

In 2018 the Somerset Kingfisher Award welcomed about 180 pupils between 7-10 years old to attend the field days in May.

  • Crafty Crops:
    The crop in the field was winter wheat, so they talked about animal feed, flour, bread-making. So at this station children learnt to recognise a variety of crops and exploring the processes they go through to become the foods we all know. As well as having a hands-on approach at making edibles with the flour!

  • Soil Constructors & Pretty Pollination:
    Children held worms, examining the physiology and learning how they are vital to maintaining healthy soils. Soil is important for optimum plant growth and they looked at the composition of different soil types and the importance of air, water and organic matter. Children explored the wild flower meadow to look for and understand the role of pollinators within our landscape.

  • Hedgerow Habitats:
    This station considered the other birds and mammals that might live in the hedges - or margins of the field. Who might predate these animals and what might they need for shelter and food. They considered if/why field margins and hedges are important on farm and other landscapes. Followed by an investigation of what can be identified in bones!


Somerset KAS is kindly supported and sponsored by Bridgwater Agriculture Society

The KAS is entirely reliant on sponsorship money, charitable donations, and volunteers. If you would like to make a donation or offer your time to help please contact the FWAG SouthWest office on: 01823 660684 or email: [email protected]