Triple C is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is a trans-national project looking to implement a set of cost-effective actions to reduce flooding and erosion. The project partners are based in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK and FWAG SW are delivering the Somerset element of the project, working with Somerset County Council who are the project lead partners. The project will run from autumn 2016 until the summer of 2020 and is expected to cost £540,000 with 60% funded by the Interreg 2 Seas Programme.

Evidence of soil erosion and deposition. FWAG advisers are working with farmers in Somerset to address these issues

The Triple C Project in Somerset is part of the “Hills to Levels” approach to tackling both flooding and the erosion caused by high rainfall events. These rainfall events are predicted to increase in frequency as our climate changes. The project partners will collaborate and learn from each other about low-cost methods of natural flood management and best soil management practices and will look to implement them through a small grant scheme and management advice.

Triple C partners meeting in Belgium: field visit to see leaky pond and share knowledge

The Somerset Triple C team will plan and install new Natural Flood Management measures resulting in reduced flood risk in target areas which will reduce the need for more expensive traditional flood protection measures. Advice on soil management will help retain soil where it is needed, in the field, and will result in reduced clear up costs such as cleaning roads and culverts.

Floodplain storage scheme in Somerset to slow the flow within the catchment