The Upper Thames is an Operational Catchment divided into 35 waterbodies classified by the Environment Agency. Under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) the water bodies are monitored for a range of ecological and chemical factors, including pollutant content, temperature, invertebrate number and oxygen levels. The water bodies are then ranked overall into the categories Good, Moderate, Poor and Bad.


You can download a pdf copy of the above map by clicking here


Throughout the following descriptions of the waterbodies, we refer to their ecological status. A brief explanation to Good, Moderate, Poor and Bad Water Framework Directive status can be found by clicking here, or on the image below. For further details, please visit the Environment Agency's website.


A list of all the water bodies and their current ecological status can be found below. For a detailed description, click on each individual water body:


 A full list of waterbodies in drop-down format can also be found here.

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