The Kingfisher Award Scheme has been running in Wiltshire for 7 years and is coordinated by Alistair Brown.

The 2017 theme was – “What is above and below ground in the Chalke Valley”

During the field day we met real life owls and raptors, dissecting owl pellets to discover what the birds have eaten, hunting for bugs and learning about the miniature world these creatures live in.

The Activity Stations

1. Meet the Birds
Met a number of birds of prey including a Barn Owl!
Learn about food chains and explore an owls diet by dissecting owl pellets.

2. Beetles & Invertebrates
We went on a bug hunt and learnt all about the importance of insects for the wellbeing of our environment.
To find out more about all kinds of insects visit BUGLIFE!

3. Bees
We looked inside a bee hive, spotted the queen, tasted the honey and discovered why we love bees!

The KAS is entirely reliant on sponsorship money, charitable donations, and volunteers. If you would like to make a donation or offer your time to help please contact the FWAG SouthWest office on: 01823 660684 or email [email protected]