After the success of our Yellow Fish Project on the River Ray in Swindon, we are now taking this International initiative to reduce pollution to the village of Andoversford.

You can find the Yellow Fish stickers across the country, including; Oxford, Whitney, Slough and Swindon.
The project aims to reduce pollution reaching rivers and streams through the surface drains in the village. We will be visiting the village’s school and businesses, increasing awareness of the direct connection between the rainwater drains and the River Coln.

We will be placing our iconic Yellow Fish stickers with the slogan “Only Rain Down The Drain” on all drains that flow directly into a watercourse.

“Putting a Yellow Fish symbol beside surface water or storm water drains lets people know that anything entering the drain may go directly to the nearest stream, river, lake, canal, beach or bathing water causing pollution and impacting or killing wildlife” - OilCare Uk.

You can read more about the Yellow Fish Project click here.