Catchment area 794km2, lake surface area 0.3km2, mean depth 2.8m, heavily modified.


Waterbody description

Coate Water is a small lake making up a part of the Coate Water Country Park. It is located near junction 15 of the M5 5km southeast of central Swindon. Within the park there is a woodland, nature reserves and bird hides.


Land Use and designations

Recreational use for walking and nature watching.


Flora and Fauna

The lake is a valuable nesting site for waterfowl and reed bunting, with warblers present during the summer and spring. It is also an important habitat for dragonflies and damselflies, plus a wide range of fish such as carp, bream and pike.


Conclusions and issues


Water Framework Directive

Water Framework Directive 2016 overall status Moderate, due to biological (phytoplankton) and physio-chemical elements (Total Phosphorus) and physical modifications.


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