(nb previously part of a single waterbody: Coln (source to Thames) 29990)

Catchment area 89.9km2, length 27.1km. Not designated artificial or heavily modified.


Waterbody description

The River Coln is spring fed, rising north of Brockhampton, flows in a south-easterly direction to join the Thames at Fairford (passing through villages of Withington, Fossebridge, Coln Rogers, Winson, Abington, Bibury and Quenington). The underlying geology is limestone and the river has a gravel base. Stretches of the river have been modified, there are on-line lakes and ponds, mill buildings and a trout farm. Point source pollution from wastewater treatment works at Andoversford, Withington, Bibury and Fairford.


Land use and designations

The waterbody has some steep slopes with extensive woodland particularly to the west of Brockhampton (new plantations) and in the valleys around Chedworth (ancient woodland). The farmland is mixed; principally permanent grassland but with significant areas of cultivated land. It is crossed by dismantled railway, major roads (including the A429 and A40) and Gloucestershire Way, Monarchs Way and Macmillan Way public footpaths.


Flora and fauna


Conclusions and issues


Water Framework Directive

In 2013 the WFD status was Good, by 2015 this had dropped to Moderate for the biological quality element macrophytes, due to physical modifications, and dissolved oxygen.




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