Black Poplar Planting Project

The Black Poplar Planting Project commemorates the centenary of WW1 1914-1918, while also working to ensure the long-term survival of our native black poplar trees. Read more

Siston Commons

The parish of Siston in South Gloucestershire is notable for large areas of common that extend across the parish, now impacted and fragmented by modern urban pressures. These ancient historic open areas of species rich grassland, scrub and woodland are at constant threat from encroachment, urbanisation, development, public pressure and other unsuitable uses. Read more

WOW Project

The Value of Working Wetlands (WOW) is a two-and-a-half-year project, working in England and France to develop sustainable wetland management. The goal of the WOW project is to deliver long-term, sustainable solutions in the management of wetlands, to ensure healthy wetland ecosystems, while supporting the rural economy and recognising the importance of food production. Read more

The Wild Education Project

The WILD Education project was launched at the end of autumn 2014 backed, very kindly, by funding from the Ernest Cook Trust. The goal of the project was to support the WILD project in spreading awareness, gaining governance and long term sustainability from local parishes and towns about their natural environment, in particular water quality. Since then we have reached out to 23 schools and 3 colleges in the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire area. Read more

Wild Purbeck Nature Improvement Area

Connecting habitats, farms and wildlife across Purbeck. The Wild Purbeck Nature Improvement Area (NIA) is a collaboration between a range of organisations including FWAG SouthWest. Under the NIA, the partners are working to conserve and enhance this renowned area of Dorset, helping it to reach its full economic and environmental potential. Read more