Hills to Levels Multiple Benefits

The Hills to Levels Multiple Benefits Project is funded by the Environment Programme (Water Environment Improvement Fund WFD GiA) and is a partnership project between the Environment Agency and FWAG SW. It is part of the wider ‘Hills to Levels’ approach in Somerset.Read more

Hills to levels

Hills to Levels is a holistic catchment management approach across catchments in Somerset, aiming to ‘slow the flow’ to reduce flood risk, reduce erosion, improve water quality, deliver wider environmental benefits and increase resilience on the floodplain. The idea is that a lot of small-scale interventions will have an effect at the large catchment scale with the motto that ‘every field, every farm, every stream has its part to play in flooding and water quality’.Read more

South and West Somerset Catchment Partnership

FWAG SW hosts the Somerset Catchment Partnership (SCP) which comprises a range of organisations dedicated to working together to improve the water environment and provide wider benefits for people and the environment at a catchment scale, this known as a Catchment Based Approach (CaBA).Read more

Triple C Project

Triple C is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is a trans-national project looking to implement a set of cost-effective actions to reduce flooding and erosion. The project partners are based in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK and FWAG SW are delivering the Somerset element of the project, working with Somerset County Council who are the project lead partners.Read more