Somerset Catchment Partnership

The Somerset Catchment Partnership (SCP), also known as the South & West Somerset Catchment Partnership, was formed in 2013. The partnership comprises a range of organisations, authorities and groups dedicated to working together to improve the water environment, and provide wider benefits for people and nature at a catchment scale following the Catchment Based Approach.

The water environment includes all rivers, streams and wetlands that drain within the catchment landscape. It also includes all the different types of landscape that we build on, cultivate and modify; all of these human interventions have an impact on the water cycle and can lead to an increased risk of pollution leaching in to our watercourses and ground water aquifers.



Aims of the Somerset Catchment Partnership

  • Collectively identify and continually review the key water-based issues to ensure that improvement plans are well-informed by local evidence/data.
  • Develop a collaborative Whole Catchment Action Plan and sub catchment plans, to help co-ordinate and facilitate project delivery to improve the water-based issues in the catchment.
  • Encourage collaboration and sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience to tackle the issues and enable cost effective partnership working and unlock funding streams.
  • Build local partnerships through stakeholder engagement and deliver a positive outcome for the water environment by promoting a better understanding at a local level.


Catchment Based Approach (CaBA)

SCP is one of 100 catchment partnerships across England supporting the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA). CaBA is an inclusive, civil society-led initiative that works in partnership with Government, Local Authorities, Water Companies, businesses and more, to maximise the natural value of our environment. This collaborative working aims to delivering a range of environmental, social and economic benefits and protect our precious water environments for the benefit of all.


Catchment Partnership Co-ordination

SCP is hosted by the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West (FWAG SW) and funded by Defra and Wessex Water. The partnership is supported by a Steering Group and project task groups, who meet when required, to develop and deliver partnership projects from across the catchment. See the Partners page for more information about the Steering Group.

The partnership is chaired by Anthony Gibson. Anthony is a writer and broadcaster who has been involved in water management and related issues in Somerset for many years, initially whilst working for the NFU, more recently as Chairman of the ground-breaking Parrett Catchment Project and its successor body, the Somerset Water Management Partnership. He was awarded the OBE for services to the rural economy in the South-West in 2003 and has honorary degrees from the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth. He lives at Langport.

The partnership is co-ordinated by James Maben. James has a broad environmental project management background from working on a range of recreation, wildlife, nature conservation and natural heritage projects including river habitat and water quality improvement projects.

SCP is a voluntary, non-statutory unincorporated body and is not a legal entity. The Catchment Partnership does not normally itself hold or expend funds. Projects and activities developed or supported by SCP are led by the organisations best placed to do so.

For more information on our governance please read our Terms of Reference


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