Catchment-Based Approach (CaBA)

CaBA is a policy framework introduced by the government in 2011 to encourage the wider adoption of an integrated catchment thinking in local plans to improve the quality of our water environment. This policy framework establishes catchment partnerships to work collaboratively with local stakeholders to deliver improved water quality and more ambitious Catchment Management Plans that will contribute to meeting our targets for the water environment.

Integrated catchment management can provide multiple benefits for all the partner organisations and the local community, including reducing flood risk whilst also cleaning up pollution, protecting drinking water resources, improving biodiversity and enhancing health and recreation opportunities for local communities.


Somerset Catchment Partnership

The South & West Somerset Catchment Partnership, also known as the Somerset Catchment Partnership, was formed in 2013. The partnership brings together a range of organisations who work within the water environments of Somerset including the catchments of the Rivers Parrett, Tone, Axe and Brue, and the West Somerset Streams. This is a partner led initiative that encourages and facilitates collaboration and synergy between the organisations involved.

The Catchment Partnership is a voluntary, non-statutory body and is unincorporated and not a legal entity. The Catchment Partnership does not itself hold or expend funds. Projects and activities recommended or supported by the Catchment Partnership will be led by the organisations best placed to do so.


Aims of the Somerset Catchment Partnership

  1. Collectively identify and continually review the key water-based issues within the catchment
  2. Share knowledge, expertise and experience to enable cost effective partnership works
  3. Ensure that work to improve the water-based issues in the catchment is well-informed by local evidence/data
  4. Unlocking funding streams for collaborative works
  5. Agree the relevant actions that are required and develop a collaborative Action Plan to help co-ordinate and facilitate delivery to improve the water-based issues in the catchment
  6. Maximise the use of existing resources, develop integrated actions that address local issues in a cost effective and sustainable fashion and seek to attract additional funding where appropriate, to support the agreed outcomes of the Action Plan.
  7. Build local partnerships through stakeholder engagement and deliver a positive outcome for the water environment by promoting a better understanding at a local level.
  8. Facilitate partners existing and independent programmes e.g. Wessex Diffuse Pollution Reduction Programme, Somerset Rivers Authority work programme and Business Plans.


Catchment Partnership Management

The Somerset Catchment Partnership is hosted by the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group SW (FWAG SW) with funding from Defra’s Water Environment Improvement Fund 2017 and 2018 (Catchment Partnership Hosting Support) and Wessex Water as part of their commitment to working in partnership secured over Spring 2017. The intention is to deliver positive outcomes for the water environment by promoting a better partnership at a local level, encouraging transparent decision making in support of the partnership working for the both planning and delivery.

The function of the Catchment Partnership host is to build their local partnership through stakeholder engagement and to develop a Catchment Action Plan. As part of FWAG SW’s commitment to working in partnership, a part-time Partnership Co-ordinator will be appointed until July 2019. The Environment Agency provides a Catchment Co-ordinator.

These details can be downloaded via the following link - Catchment Partnership’s Terms of Reference



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