The Hills to Levels approach offers advice and capital grants for NFM measures that deliver the following outcomes. The Hills to Levels approach partners with Catchment Sensitive Farming on land management advice and grants. Technical information sheets have been developed for all the below funded measures.

Hills to Levels offers capital grants and advice for the following measures:

Improve infiltration into soils to reduce the generation of run-off and erosion and to increase soil water storage


Attenuate, slow and filter run-off


Temporarily store run-off in-field


 Further slow the flow in ditches


Slow the flow in streams or rivers, create habitat and stabilise banks


Restore the connections between watercourses and their floodplain, and temporarily storing high flows on the floodplain


The above list of measures is not exhaustive. All information is intended for guidance only and describes current best practice. The detailed requirements for every scheme are site specific – please contact FWAG or CSF to get advice. Local contractors of choice can be used, or farmers/landowners can choose to do the work themselves, depending on the complexity of the planned work.



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