FWAG South West have produce a set of 14 Information Sheets covering a range of Natural Flood Management techniques. These are used to inform and advise landowners, managers and contractors on how to implement NFM. Click on the icons below to open each document. You are free to download/print these resources for your own use.

Improve infiltration into soils to reduce the generation of run-off and erosion and to increase soil water storage




Attenuate, slow and filter run-off




Temporarily store run-off in-field



Further slow the flow in ditches


Slow the flow in streams or rivers, create habitat and stabilise banks




Restore the connections between watercourses and their floodplain, and temporarily storing high flows on the floodplain


Floodplain Restoration


Please note

  • Information Sheets are produced for guidance only, no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage can be accepted by FWAG SW or Hills to Levels
  • All information provided has been reviewed by a Technical Advisory Group within the Environment Agency
  • The Information Sheets are produced for guidance only, further site-specific details and advice may be required
  • Some measures, if not designed carefully, not constructed carefully and not maintained properly may cause risks to wildlife, properties, infrastructure or health and safety
  • The list of measures is not exhaustive; speak to your FWAG SW adviser, Hills to Levels is open to ideas.
  • The landowner takes ownership of any capital works and takes full responsibility for maintenance and liability.



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