The advent period is always a good time to look ahead to the new year. In 2019, we decided to do exactly that and share 25 things that you can do on your farm in 2020 that will help wildlife and improve your business. If you want to see these tweets in all their glory you can search for the hashtag #FWAGresolutions on Twitter. Either way, the text and links of our suggestions are below.

If you have any questions about these suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


  1. The larger a hedge is, the more wildlife it will support. Why not consider not cutting your hedgerows in 2020? #FWAGresolutions (Increasing the value of hedges for wildlife)


  1. Bury a pair of 100% cotton undies in your field to see how healthy your soil is #soilyourundies #FWAGresolutions (Soil your undies)


  1. Standing and fallen dead wood creates habitats and food for lots of beneficial wildlife and improves the soil as it decays. If you have some on the farm, why not leave it there? #FWAGresolutions (Farm Woodland)


  1. Wildflowers attract pollinators and other wildlife and can be sown in spring or autumn. Speak to your FWAG adviser about funding under #CountrysideStewardship #FWAGresolutions (FWAG Countryside Stewardship)


  1. Dig a pond! @NaturalEngland are funding the creation of Great Crested Newt Ponds. #FWAGresolutions Find out more here: FWAG Great Crested Newt Event


  1. Farmland birds need a helping hand over winter and early spring. Why not start supplementary feeding? #FWAGresolutions (Supplementary winter feeding for farmland birds)


  1. Ivy has long been accused of strangling trees, but it doesn’t harm the tree at all, and even supports at least 50 species of wildlife. Why not let it grow #FWAGresolutions (Ivy)


  1. Make 2020 the year that you find out more about your local water catchment and how you can help reduce flooding events downstream on your farm @hillstolevels #slowtheflow #naturalfloodmanagement #FWAGresolutions (FWAG Natural Flood Management)


  1. Field corners are often difficult to get into with farm machinery, let the wildlife have them back by growing some trees or leaving the grass un-cut #scruffycorners #FWAGresolutions


  1. Farming can be a lonely role. In 2020, why not pop round to your neighbouring farmer for a cup of tea and a chat? #mentalhealth #timetotalk #FWAGresolutions @MindCharity


  1. In 2020, do a tree survey on your farm and tag veteran and ancient trees so that they are protected #FWAGresolutions #ancienttrees @WoodlandTrust (Ancient Tree Inventory)


  1. Farmland birds need a helping hand to find nesting spots. Put up a #birdbox #FWAGresolutions (Farm Buildings)


  1. Make 2020 the year you really understand your cost of production. Join a #Farmbench business improvement group to dig down into the details @AHDB #FWAGresolutions get in touch at [email protected]


  1. Why not leave piles of dead wood or logs to create habitats and food for a vast array of wildlife #FWAGresolutions (Dead wood for wildlife)


  1. Test your soils in 2020! There simple tests you can do to check how healthy your soil is and understanding your soil is the first step to taking action to improving it, for the benefit of your farm productivity and the environment #FWAGresolutions (Know your soil)


  1. From the 7th to 16th Feb 2020, take part in the Big Farmland Bird Count to see how well your conservation schemes are working #FWAGresolutions #BFBC @Gameandwildlife (Take part)


  1. In the spirit of openness and education, why not host a farm walk for your local @SouthWestAreaYF or school - tell them about the good times and the hard times and your hopes for the future #FWAGresolutions


  1. Wet and muddy areas on farms in the spring and summer are essential for Swallows and House Martins as well as other wildlife. Why not help them out in 2020 #FWAGresolutions


  1. Make 2020 the year you spend more time with your family - why not make a meal together using local produce #FWAGresolutions #timetotalk


  1. Learn more about @CFEonline in 2020 and keep an eye on our twitter and website for upcoming events in the South West #FWAGresolutions


  1. Rural hedgehog numbers are declining, here's 5 ways you can help them on your farm or your garden in 2020 #FWAGresolutions @PTES @hedgehogsociety (Hedgehog Street Farmers Leaflet)


  1. "The increased uptake of agroforestry in the UK can offer productivity, mitigation of climate change, water management, biodiversity and landscape, and welfare benefits." Find out more in 2020 #FWAGresolutions (What is agroforestry)


  1. Trees are an essential part of the fabric of the countryside. Plant some in hedges and field corners in 2020 for the wildlife on your farm and to improve your soil and overall farm performance #FWAGresolutions


  1. Whatever feature you create for wildlife, keep a close eye to see what happens. Wildlife has an amazing ability to respond to help, and a few minutes spent watching is never wasted. Share the things you notice with other farmers, friends, family and us #FWAGresolutions


  1. Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoyed our 2019 #AdventCalendar and have a New Year’s Resolution for the farm in 2020. Get off to a great start by becoming a member of FWAG SW #FWAGresolutions (Become a Member)