FWAG SW are furthering research into Natural Flood Management (NFM), and encouraging a shift in thinking; away from dredging, concrete flood defences and culverts, and the idea of getting the water off of the land as quickly as possible, towards the concepts of “Slow the Flow”, Natural Flood Management, improved land management and soil husbandry. A combination of these is needed in order to manage flooding.

FWAG SouthWest can advise on the many different methods of Natural Flood Management that may be suitable for your land and farming system, including:

  • Soil Husbandry Advice
  • Cross-Slope Hedge planting
  • Woodland Creation
  • Woody flow spreaders
  • In-field bunds
  • Cross drains
  • Filter Barriers
  • Silt Traps
  • Attenuation ponds
  • In-ditch features
  • Leaky woody dams
  • Bank stabilisation

We have already worked on many NFM projects across the South West region but one of our flagship projects is the Hills to Levels Project in Somerset. You can read more on this innovative project here or you can watch one of our short, informative videos on the many benefits of NFM here.