FWAG SW are furthering research into Natural Flood Management, and encouraging a shift in thinking; away from dredging, concrete flood defenses and culverts, and the idea of getting the water off of the land as quickly as possible, towards concepts of 'Slow the Flow, Natural Flood Management as well as land management and soil husbandry. A combination of these is needed in order to manage flooding.

FWAG SouthWest can advise on methods of Natural Flood Management on your land.


Hills to Levels

Hills to Levels is a holistic catchment management approach across catchments in Somerset, aiming to ‘slow the flow’ to reduce flood risk, reduce erosion, improve water quality, deliver wider environmental benefits and increase resilience on the floodplain. The idea is that a lot of small-scale interventions will have an effect at the large catchment scale with the motto that ‘every field, every farm, every stream has its part to play in flooding and water quality’. Hills to Levels is part of the delivery team of the land management workstream of the Somerset 20 -Year Flood Action Plan.

The Hills to Levels approach offers advice and capital grants for Natural Flood Management (NFM) techniques, supported by a range of different funding bodies (the Somerset Rivers Authority, Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership, The European Development Fund, Water Environment Improvement Fund WFD GiA) and sub-projects: Triple C. and the Multiple Benefits Project.

For more information and documents on the Hills to Levels work, head here.